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Eau D’Loo Boom Shaka Laka


The before you go spray

Vanilla almond fudge fragrance

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This amazing products has gone through a stringent series of tests,  ie . many toilets have been used to verify that this products works!!!

It simple,  spritz into the toilet bowl – directly onto the water (not in the air) and do your number 2,  none of those toxic fumes will escape and the loo with be as fresh as a daisy upon your departure.

The product contains essential oils as as we all know oil and water does not mix,  so by spaying the product directly onto the water it leaves a barrier of oil floating in the bowl.  The powerful aromas of essential oils are then released into the air.  Once matter falls beneath the water the poo smell is trapped.

No more spraying toxic fumes into the air that you breathe into your lungs.  Now your loo will be fresh and filled with beautiful aromas.


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